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About the app

We have created an app that helps all veterinarians identify antibiotics based on factors such as withdrawal time to effectively treat cows. Users of Medicow will be able to view information about the best drug to use on their patient by selecting the affected body system of the cow. They can sort the medications by factors such as withdrawal time, suggested dosages, and overall effectiveness.


Features of Medicow

Body System Affected

The first page users will be directed to is the "body system effected", users will select the body system that has been effected by a specific disease like nervous, reproductive, etc.


Next, users will be directed to the "diseases" page and they will select the disease that has affected the cow. Some diseases include: pink eye, analgesia, etc.


Then, users will have the option to choose from different drugs that can treat the specific disease and heal the cattle.

About the Drug

Finally, the information page will give users everything they need to know about the drug. This will include trade name, dosage, routine, duration, and withdrawal date for the drug to effectively treat the cow.

Our Team

Ayda Niknejad

Web Director

Molly Orr

App Developer

Caroline Heys

Content Director


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